Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Silog time....Tinapasilog!

 Time for that breakfast you've been craving for. Why not treat yourself to a Silog fare again this time?
 Have some Tinapasilog! Tinapasilog is Tinapa (Smoked Fish), Sinangag (Fried Rice) and Itlog (Egg).
 Tinapa is a FIlipino term for fish preserved or cooked through the process of smoking them. The most
common Tinapa is bangus or milkfish. Here in the States, we usually see Tinapang Pike Mackerel or rounds cad  as alternative to milkfish. Tinapa is usually served with onion and tomatoes on the side and garlic flavored vinegar dipping sauce. Making tinapa involves a two-stage process-- brining and smoking. The brining part gives the fish a good salty taste and it also makes it moist. The smoking part cooks the fish that gives it the smoky flavor.

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