Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Silog Time--- Jefsilog or Jepsilog!

It's Silog time once again. Jefsilog or Jepsilog is short for Jefrox/ Jeprox dried fish, Sinangag (Fried Rice) and Itlog (Egg). Jeprox is a salted dried fish which I believe is a product of Indonesia. When I was looking for the manufacturer of some Jeprox products, it's always "made in Indonesia or a product of Indonesia". I would say that Jefrox is similar to our danggit but a little bit thinner in texture. It emanates a not-so-pleasant smell while cooking it, that leaves your whole house smelling like, of course, a fish! This is best enjoyed with vinegar and or a side dish of cubed tomatoes & onions. Most of the Filipino restaurants are selling fried Jefrox so you can still enjoy this crunchy fried fish. Island Pacific offers this at their grab and go section.
This is perfect for your meatless Friday or for those days that you crave for dried fish! Happy Eating!

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