Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Desserts


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. In American homes, most of this holiday’s traditions center around food and football! While the ladies are busy preparing the special meal, the men watch football games on TV. Families have developed their own traditions to stave off their appetites as the smell of turkey fills the house. 

Then, as the bird is being carved, everyone comes together to feast and to fill their hearts with thanks.  Needless to say, Thanksgiving is a time to overindulge and forgot about that diet. 

This holiday, Island Pacific is offering FilAms Isla Kulinarya’s special Thanksgiving menu designed especially for the FilAm community.  The delicious recipes come from one of LA’s most admired chefs, FilAm Ryan Bergunio of Lola’s restaurant in Hollywood. 

Just cut the featured recipes to help you plan your Thanksgiving dinner in advance. It’s Thanksiving made easy- and unforgettably delicious! 

2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp brown sugar
½ cup pistachios  or silvered almonds (unsalted)
¼ cup     raisins
4 ea  banana

½ cup light rum
top it with jackfruit icecream

  • add the butter and brown sugar in the saute pan over low heat until it melts.
  • add the nuts and raisins, and cook for another two minutes moving the pan rapidly.
  • cut the bananas into bite size, and add it into the mixture, and turn the heat over medium. Cook it for another 3 minutes moving it rapidly.
  • turn the heat to high, and add the light rum (you might want to step back because this will create fire. This is called “flambe”) and cook until the fire from the alcohol is gone/evaporates.
  • plate on a serving plate, and top with icecream.
  • serve right away.

fresh apples, oranges, & carrots
Farmers’ market drink
(You must have a juicer for this)
Combine all ingredients in the juicer.
Serve with ice

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