Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Island Pacific Proudly Presents ISLA KULINARYA

For Filipinos, no matter how many different cuisines they can enjoy in many places in the world, there’s nothing like the taste of Filipino cuisine. The Philippines with its 7,000 beautiful islands offers a wide array of culinary fare with each region having its own culinary specialties. Truly,the Pinoy culinary experience offers something to please every mood and palate.

Culinary traditions are important elements of our culture and history. Cuisine and the technology of its production show how people cope with food sources, vegetation, climate and the numerous other aspects of their environment. The Filipino's culinary expertise has become an important source of pride and livelihood. How the people of the Philippines transformed tropical ingredients into delicious meals and splendid edible fancies is a tribute to culinary creativity.

To celebrate the culinary distinctiveness of our Islands, the Island Pacific chain of supermarkets is launching its special ISLA KULINARYA. We will proudly showcase the story of our multifaceted culinary heritage not only in California, but to the rest of the world.

Island Pacific with its chain of supermarkets catering to the Filipino American community is the perfect vehicle to showcase the banquet of culinary creativity  of the Filipinos. Isla Kulinarya will feature an array of distinctive regional dishes created with local ingredients with their very special flavors. These dishes reflect the influence of the various foreign cultures that impacted the Philippines for half a millennium. There’s the spicy hot dishes from Bicol, the sweet desserts and kakanins from Bulacan and Pampanga, the salty vegetable dishes from Ilocos or the unique herb-filled Lechon from Cebu.  All so delicious,  all distinctively Filipino.

Through ISLA KULINARYA, Island Pacific aims not only to celebrate our culinary expertise but also to educate and familiarize the second and third generation of Filipinos about our culture and food. As many chefs love to say, the way to know one's culture is through the stomach.

Each week, Isla Kulinarya will feature a special region of the Philippines, showcasing important information about the place, the famous landmarks, and of course, recipes of its distinct native delicacies. Island Pacific has gathered together the best chefs and authors, as well as ordinary homemakers with delicious recipes to bring to you the world of authentic flavors of the Islands Philippines. Watch out for the Isla Kulinarya regular column at Asian Journal and on the Island Pacific website at

So, be prepared to engage in a rich tapestry of epicurean delight. There is so much to discover... so much to experience... so much to taste... thru ISLA KULINARYA!

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