Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Featured Chef: Chef Socrates Z. Inonog, CCE, ACF

Welcome to Isla Kulinarya-- a gastronomic adventure that will take you from one culinary destination to the next, exploring the different cuisines that make each regions of the Philippines truly unique. Together with some of the best chefs and food authors as well as ordinary homemakers, Isla Kulinarya will share delicious recipes and introduce readers to the world of authentic flavors of the Islands Philippines.
For our opening salvo, we will showcase special recipes from the most celebrated Filipino chef in America - Chef Socrates Inonog. He’s the first chef to be bestowed as the Certified Culinary Educator in the US and has received a number of awards from his decades of culinary career.
The 79-year-old was the former Dean of Emeritus of Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. He served as a culinary professor, Department Chairman, Dean of Faculty, and Director of Operations before accepting the Dean Emeritus position at the Johnson and Wales University. One of his former students from the class of 1978 was none other than famous international chef Emeril Lagasse.

Inonog proudly promotes Philippine cuisine wherever he goes. "We should be proud of what we have," he said. "Our cuisine, it’s not simple, it’s a combination of so many cultures, Spaniards for 300 years, Japanese, Chinese, Malaya Polynesian we should be proud of our cuisine. To this day whenever I cook, although I know how to cook everything, they want my Filipino food. As a Filipino, love your cuisine, really promote it and love it. "

Catch us again next week as we bring you Chef Soc's Inonog's version of Adobo. Watch out for it! 

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Presyong Sulit... sa Island Pacific. "

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