Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introduction to Philippine Cuisine

Welcome to ISLA KULINARYA – Island Pacific’s regular column featuring Filipino culture through its varied cuisine. Starting today and every MDWK issue of the Asian Journal, we will feature free delicious recipes from chefs, culinary experts and ordinary Pinoys who just love to cook – from all-time Philippine favorites to local, unique fare from different regions. Enjoy new and traditional Filipino food recipes that are simple to cook and always a pleasure to serve and eat... dishes that are always welcome on the dining table.

Apritada, a Spanish influence dish
Like Philippine fiestas, Filipino recipes are rich in flavor & color. Philippine cuisine is as diverse as the different regions that make up the 7,000 islands. It is flavored by a rich variety of herbs and spices found all over the islands. Aside from the many tropical fruits and vegetables grown in the mountains and plains, seafood, meat and poultry are also a major part of the Filipino diet.

The Filipino culinary expertise has been greatly influenced by Spanish, Chinese, European, American, Arab and Asian cuisines. It is a fusion of various recipes adopted from earlier traders, Asian immigrants and former colonizers. Foreign trade brought in all kinds of spices and plants to the Philippines. And like the Filipino today, its cuisine is a gastronomic feast from different countries and cultures - from east to west.

Chicken Feet or most commonly referred to by the locals as "Adidas"
Filipinos have embraced as their own cuisines form other countries like the noodles from the Chinese, rice and meat dishes from the Spaniards, steak and burgers from the Americans and pasta from the Italians. All these now form part of the Philippine cuisine – made even better with the Filipino creativity.

Korean BBQ,  Asian influence dish
Get to know the Philippines more through its culinary treats. Experience the tastes and colors of Philippine food. The cuisine is a gastronomic delight that has been savored through many generations. Discover and enjoy the free Filipino food recipes, only from Island Pacific’s Isla Kulinarya. Happy Cooking!

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